Winner and Runner-ups of Miss Bhutan 2022

Miss Bhutan

Winner and Runner-ups of Miss Bhutan 2022

a) The winners shall not at any time thereafter commercially exploit her title in any way whatsoever except exclusively through and by sole agreement with the Organizer.

b) To conduct herself with decorum during the year of the reign and not to commit any act of an immoral, illegal or other similar nature in the opinion of the Organizer will bring the contestant, Miss Bhutan its title into disrepute, ridicule contempt.

c) The title holders; Miss Bhutan 2022, Miss Bhutan 2022 1st Runner-up and Miss Bhutan 2022 2nd Runner-up are obligated to enter into an exclusive contract with MPC bhutan entertainment to carry out engagements of personal appearances, modelling, film, advertising endorsements etc. During the contract period, the title holders will not be allowed to work for any other individuals, firm or production houses without the knowledge of the organizer. The contract will expire soon after crowning the new Miss Bhutan.

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